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Golf&Fashion: where and how to dress to impress on the green

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From the collared polo shirt to the golf glove, via classic-cut trousers and golf shoes so as not to ruin the green. Style on the golf course has very precise rules and brands that follow them to the letter, and are increasingly green and sustainable.

Golf clothing: a question of etiquette

a matter of etiquette in golf

While fashion and good taste are serious matters in Italy, etiquette in golf is even more so. It is not just a formality, but rather a principle of propriety, such as observing certain rules of behaviour on the course.

The key to not putting a foot wrong with golf wear and always being impeccable is to choose clothes that are comfortable for the execution of the swing, that are made of technical materials but that respect an understated and classic style.

The green also plays a major role in clothing

green golf

The focus of companies on sustainable garments has been growing in recent years. It is not difficult to find sports outfits that are the perfect combination of design, environmental friendliness and good quality.

If you are new to golf, the wisest choice is to opt for second-hand equipment. There are many sites and apps where you can buy vintage or second-hand items, and there is even an official Italian marketplace - The3Iron - dedicated entirely to golf where you can buy and sell everything you need: from golf clubs to clothing, with real time assistance. Perfect for making the right purchase.

The best Italian golf green clothing brands to watch out for

brand golf

Style on the golf course is important, but there is an increasing focus on sustainability.

On the green, people no longer look only to technical garments that improve performance, but rather pay attention to materials, favouring companies that see respect for the environment as their founding value. And Made in Italy once again offers more than one surprise.

Let's start with Chervò, a maison that has embraced sustainable technologies by making the most of materials, such as certain ecological and Ecolabel-certified fibres.

The focus of sustainable production revolves around the creation of a fabric made from castor oil, which provides considerable advantages such as greater absorption and evaporation of moisture and improved thermoregulation, as well as a considerable reduction in environmental impact.

The brand is much loved by Italian golfers thanks to its highly versatile garments, which are ideal on the green as well as during leisure time.

If we are talking about historic Italian brands, it is impossible not to mention Kappa, a legendary label that today belongs to BasicNet and is making an ever greater effort to convert all its production to the world of eco-sustainability. Look out for their thermal jackets, which are used to protect players from the chill during matches so that their muscles don't get cold between holes.

In 2021, Hydrogen created its first collection dedicated to eco-friendly garments, the 'Eco Tech Golf', produced with innovative materials combined with the brand's modern style.

The sustainable fabric in question is Carvico Revolutional, made entirely in Italy, which is characterised by a high capacity for thermoregulation and breathability.

The brand has worked hard to create the perfect body-hugging fit that ensures a significant reduction in lactic acid formation. The elasticity of the garments favours the mobility of the body during the game, guaranteeing improved performance.

One of the Italian clothing brands most committed to creating eco-friendly garments suitable for the golf course is Berig. Their models are developed and tested together with the players in order to satisfy the tastes and needs of the most discerning players. The Tuscan brand combines Italian style, traditional craftsmanship, functionality and commitment.

Let's conclude with Daema, an all-female company where style and passion for sport meet to create the Natural WoolFeeling golf collection.

The key to the brand is the use of natural raw materials made by Italian artisans, while the aim is to produce responsibly, but also to encourage customers to shop consciously in order to ensure a healthy ecosystem. 

The best golf shops for technical and sustainable shopping

ageless golfing

There are many shops where you can buy golf equipment.

Often golf clubs have conventions or even branded or multi-brand retail units where you can find fashionable selections.

Among the most recommended Italian shops where you can shop with a focus on sustainability are Vertical Golf, which was set up to offer golfers a space where they can purchase top quality products at competitive prices, and Golf'us, the golfers' shop par excellence, which in addition to its online site has several shops around Italy.

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