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A port surrounded by artistic and natural beauty

Located on the western Ligurian Riviera, Savona is considered one of the most important Mediterranean ports in terms of tourism and trade. One of its symbols is undoubtedly the Priamar, a large 16th century military fortress perched on the coast. Built by the Genoese to demonstrate their supremacy over the city, today it is home to various cultural associations.

Another place of interest is the Torre della Quarda or Torre Leon Pancaldo, better known simply as “Torretta”. Among the religious buildings, we recommend the Cathedral of the Assumption and the Gothic-style Sistine Chapel commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV, not to be confused with its Roman namesake.

Among the natural beauties, the Toirano Caves, a suggestive itinerary among stalactites, stalagmites and ancient traces of prehistoric human beings, the Borgio Verezzi Caves and Mount Beigua with its nature park, are noteworthy. 

A compulsory stop at the Le Caravelle Aquatic Park, one of the main tourist attractions on the Ligurian Riviera, and in nearby Alassio, with its old town centre, beaches and famous wall.

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17100 Savona, Province of Savona, Italy

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