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Lauco presents itself with its high plateau, at an altitude of 700 metres, with three cross-country skiing tracks and beautiful trails for mountain biking and trekking. But the village and its hamlets are also worth a visit for the small architectural and artistic masterpieces they contain. The most typical hamlet of the village is Borgo Cavocjarie, and very characteristic to see is the House of Elena Cimenti, which recalls the architecture of times gone by. The Parish Church of All Saints, built in the 18th century, is also interesting. Lauco is home to the albergo diffuso: a unique opportunity to enjoy unforgettable moments of peace and tranquillity in contact with unspoilt nature, rich in charm and with a thousand panoramic views of rare beauty. Among the many walks that can be taken, one of the most interesting is the one that leads to the Tombs of the Pàgans: this is how, since time immemorial, the locals have called three ancient tombs excavated in the rock and located in Chiauians. Not far from Lauco is the canyon of the Vinadia torrent, one of Carnia's most spectacular 'natural monuments'.


33029 Lauco UD, Italia

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