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Fagagna stands on a hill from which there are beautiful views of the surrounding hills and the plain. The castle, now little more than a ruin, stands on a site that has been inhabited since Roman times. Only a few elements of the ancient fortifications survive, including fragments of the walls, the Borgo gate, the castle tower with the clock (converted into a bell tower), the ruins of the main tower, a 14th-century house and the small church of San Michele Arcangelo. Among the civil buildings, the Community House, dating from the Renaissance period, stands out. Not far from the village, in the Quadris Nature Oasis, a project was launched to reintroduce white storks, which can now be seen in the surroundings of the village. And then, to visit, there is Ciase Cocél: this is not simply an ethnographic museum, here you really enter into the life of an old rural farmhouse, you relive all the rituals of Friulian peasant life at the beginning of the 20th century. Every first Sunday in September, since 1861, the traditional 'Corse dai Mus', the Donkey Race, takes place in the square of Fagagna.


33034 Fagagna UD, Italia

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