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I portici di Bologna


The 12 most representative stretches have become World Heritage Sites

For ten centuries now, the Portici di Bologna have been a meeting place for social interactions as well as the symbol of hospitality and good “Bolognese” living. Private property of covered spaces but available for public use, the porticoes are considered by the people of Bologna and visitors alike as characterizing elements of the city’s urban identity.

Altogether, they extend for 62 kilometers, and the longest, with its 3796 meters, is the portico of San Luca that reaches the Sanctuary on the Colle della Guardia from Porta Saragozza.

Some are built of wood, others of stone or brick, and cover streets, squares and pedestrian walkways, sometimes on one side, sometimes on both sides of the street.

The porticoes of Bologna contribute to creating the historic atmosphere that characterizes the city. Twelve of the most beautiful and representative stretches among the 62 km of porticoes that snake across the city have been elected as a World Heritage Sites. Visitors can enjoy them travelling along: Porticoed street of Santa Caterina, Piazza Santo Stefano, Portici del Baraccano, Porticoed street of Galliera, Commercial porticoes of Pavaglione and Piazza Maggiore, Devotional portico of San Luca (the longest in the world), Portici Accademici of via Zamboni, Portici of Piazza Cavour and Via Farini, Portico of the Certosa, porticoed building of the Barca district, Triumphal porticoes of Strada Maggiore and porticoed building of the MamBo.

I portici di Bologna

Via Farini, 40124 Bologna BO, Italia


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