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Its name encapsulates its identity: Tramonti in fact derives from 'Intra Montes', and the village, located on the Amalfi Coast', is enclosed between the green hills of Campania. Composed of no less than thirteen hamlets, this town is a little gem that offers visitors the opportunity to explore the hills in search of its artistic beauties. There are many churches to visit, but we particularly recommend the Cappella Rupestre (Rock Chapel), located in the hamlet of Gete and peculiar because it is inserted in a rocky cavity. Also not to be missed are the ruins of the Castle of Santa Maria la Nova, dating back to 1457 and built by the then princes of Salerno. Finally, one must try the local wine, which has obtained DOC certification, and the famous limoncello, still produced according to old recipes.


84010 Tramonti SA, Italia

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