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04 August 2022 - 31 December 2022

“Watersurface” Procida 2022


We are not alone on this earth: SOS from the sea! 

The relationship between marine organisms and waste is the inspiration for the photographic exhibition “Watersurface”, produced as part of the cultural programme of Procida Italian Capital of Culture 2022
Opened on 4 August and running until 31 December, “Watersurface” presents images from three internationally renowned underwater photographersNicholas Samaras, Pasquale Vassallo and Guido Villani launching an appeal for the fight against pollution that echoes from Procida around the world. 
“By 2025, the oceans will contain one tonne of plastic for every three tonnes of fish and by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish. In the Pacific Ocean, between California and Hawaii, there is an island of floating plastic measuring 395 million acres, more than 400,000 times the size of the island of Procida.” These are the words of Agostino Riitano, director of Procida 2022. 
“Watersurface” aims to show the response of fish and molluscs to the new environmental conditions linked to the Anthropocene “with the hope that the resilience of some species will not diminish our sense of responsibility towards the environment”, explains Pasquale Vassallo. 

A jellyfish captures a chocolate wrapper in its tentacles, another does the same with a cotton bud. An octopus, which has become infamous, plays with a football, while a cuttlefish does the same with a condom. Then there is the iconic shot of the pandemic: a seahorse clinging to a mask. 

Procida 2022 is a project by the Comune di Procida, supported by the MiC and the Campania Region, which aims to raise awareness of pollution and respect for the environment.  

We are not alone on this earth and our every gesture, however small, influences and affects the lives of other living creatures. 



To find out the days and times of the event check the official website 

watersurface — procida 2022


 Free entrance.



 Free entrance.


80079 Procida NA, Italia

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