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Summonte, the place that in antiquity was chosen by the Normans as a settlement because of its excellent position that offered an extraordinary view of the vast surrounding territory, today is Summonte, the village characterized by the spectacular Angevin Tower from where it is possible to appreciate the vast view of the Partenio Regional Park and the surrounding area, and is also a unique viewpoint of the Sanctuary of Montevergine and even the Gulf of Naples. A place where it is possible to appreciate how nature and technological evolution have developed in harmony, without disruption, with a view to enhancing natural resources and preserving precious ancient vestiges. Since 2017 Summonte has been part of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and is a guarantee for those who come to visit us. We will work even harder to offer you the best possible welcome and make you appreciate our riches: art, culture and landscape.


83010 Summonte AV, Italia

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