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When you arrive in Vietri you immediately feel the unique atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast, which is in everything here. The heart of Vietri is Albori, a tiny hamlet of immense charm. A hamlet protected by the mountains but with a maritime soul, as its brightly coloured houses tell of being spotted from afar by ships returning after long crossings. The sea here is enchantment among the rocks, deep blue, splendid. Arriving in Albori gives the impression of having made a very long journey, of having arrived in a place far from chaos, from noise: here the rhythms are the slow ones of the past, in the evening you can still find yourself chatting, perhaps in front of the sea, waiting to see the last boats return while the sun goes down behind the horizon and everything is coloured by its warm, golden lights.


84019 Albori SA, Italia

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