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It is a seaside enchantment

Tropea, a town known above all for its beautiful beaches, for its seabed ideal for those who love underwater exploration, and for its gastronomy. In fact, the Tropea onion is known the world over for its sweetness, a sweetness favoured by the climate and the proximity of the sea. The sea was, in its history, also a source of danger: to defend it, the Arabs built the Torre Lunga on the highest part of the rock, the Byzantines the walls and the Aragonese the Torre Maestra.

Also worth experiencing is the old town, where the scent of saltiness pervades the air and the small restaurants offer unmissable fish dishes, to be enjoyed perhaps outdoors and then go and look at the sea that, in the dark of night, reflects the thousand lights of the city.


89861 Tropea VV, Italia

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