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The history of Diamante is one that has been intertwined with the sea since its origins: the protagonist was in fact the hamlet of Cirella, probably founded by the Greeks, which became a very important trading centre thanks to its port. Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the heart of the Riviera dei Cedri, Diamante's link with the sea is still very strong, due to the wonder of its beaches, enhanced by volcanic cliffs and enchanting inlets, but above all due to the history that has always united them. The town is also famous as the 'town of murals': there are over 150 works of art that can be admired on the walls of the town, on which poets, writers, artists and revolutionaries have left their mark. For this reason, Diamante is the largest open-air museum in Italy, to be explored by letting yourself be carried away by its magic.


87023 Diamante CS, Italia

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