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Cirò Marina


Where the ancient and modern come together

The scents and colours of the Mediterranean make Cirò Marina unique, a Calabrian municipality that has only been independent since 1952 and therefore has no real historic centre, but where modernity and antiquity fuse to perfection. Developed by the sea among new buildings and the feudal palaces that line the nearby countryside planted with vineyards, orange groves and olive groves, it has 16 kilometres of coastline, long sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

As was known at the time of the ancient Greeks, the fertile region and temperate climate allow the production of prized grapes such as Gaglioppo, from which one of the most famous wines of Calabria, Cirò Doc, is made. The clementines of Calabria, PGI citrus fruits, also grow here.

Exploring Cirò Marina you will appreciate the archaeological area of Punta Alice, maybe a former ancient Krimisa, a Magna Graecia city founded by Philoctetes, where the temple dedicated to Apollo Haleo was found. Also unmissable are the Old Tower, a 15th-century defensive structure, and the ancientSanctuary dedicated to the Queen of Heaven. Lastly, you will be able to appreciate the Saracen Markets, built in the 18th century for the Santa Croce fair, and the oldest place of worship in Cirò Marina dedicated to the patron saint, the church of San Cataldo.

Cirò Marina

88811 Cirò Marina KR, Italia

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