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Costa degli Dei


The most romantic and beautiful side of the Calabrian coastline

Heavenly beaches, crystal-clear sea and breath-taking views: the Costa degli Dei (Coast of the Gods) is one of the many jewels Italy offers visitors. This stretch of coastline from Pizzo Calabro to Nicotera, in the so-called horn of Calabria, owes its name to the legend according to which the ancient gods chose to live in the area to enjoy its scenic beauty.

Still today, the Costa degli Dei is able to amaze all who visit it. It is renowned not only for its beautiful beaches dotted along its 55 kilometres of coastline, from the beaches of Briatico to those of Pizzo Calabro, but also for its stunning towns and monuments.

The town of Tropea is home to the Church of Santa Maria dell’Isola, built on a promontory almost completely surrounded by the sea, while Nicotera is a large terrace from which you can admire the beauty of the Costa degli Dei. Not forgetting the areas of Zambrone and Capo Vaticano. Between tropical beaches, hidden coves and ancient churches, you can experience a fantastic holiday for the whole family.

Costa degli Dei

Viale Giuseppe Berto, snc, 89866 Capo Vaticano VV, Italia

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