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MAB Cosenza - Bilotti Open-Air Museum


The Art Museum in the City of Cosenza (MAB) can be found on the main thoroughfare of the most modern part of the city. This project was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Carlo and Enzo Bilotti, patrons from Cosenza. Along Corso Mazzini, you can admire the work of great artists such as Dali's symbolic composition of "St. George and the Dragon", various works by Giorgio De Chirico, and the "Wolf of the Sila" by the Calabrian artist Mimmo Rotella, as well as noteworthy pieces by Consagra, Manzù, Emilio Greco and Sasha Sosno. A unique occasion for anyone who wants to enjoy art in the open air



12:00 am
Monday - Saturday
MAB Cosenza - Bilotti Open-Air Museum
Corso G. Mazzini, 87100 Cosenza CS, Italia

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