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Church and Convent of the Friars Minor


The presence of the Friars Minor in San Marco Argento consists of the convent and the church. The Convent of the Friars Minor is one of the oldest examples of Franciscan architecture in Calabria: it was thought to have been founded by Pietro Cathin, a disciple and follower of St Francis of Assisi. After undergoing numerous transformations over the centuries, in 1429 the convent was home to St Francis of Paola, then twelve years old. The saint's time here was characterised by the mysticism and visions that would accompany him throughout his life. The church has a Franciscan floor plan with a single nave, and is entered is through a portico with three round arches and a roofed rectangular apse.

Church and Convent of the Friars Minor

Via XX Settembre, 150, 87018 San Marco Argentano CS, Italia

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