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Spiaggia dell'Arcomagno


One of the most striking views of Calabria

Calabria’s long coastline is a succession of natural treasures that attract thousands of visitors from all around the world every year. One of these is undoubtedly Arcomagno Beach, a small, picturesque bay on the Riviera dei Cedri, between Scalea and Praia a Mare.

This corner of paradise consists of an imposing, natural rock arch bordering a small, crescent-shaped beach: the sand and pebbles lapped by a crystal-clear sea are surrounded by dense vegetation, untouched and wild. You are sure to left awestruck by such a marvellous site that has inspired great legends, starting with the tale according to which Aeneas passed through this idyllic beach after the fall of Troy. 

Accessing this picturesque beach requires a little bit of forward planning: starting from Contrada Marinella, you need to follow a path, which can get very steep in places, that is carved into the rock and will take around ten minutes. Once there, however, you are sure to find it to be well worth the effort!

Spiaggia dell'Arcomagno

Spiaggia dell'Arcomagno, SP1, 87020 San Nicola Arcella CS, Italia

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