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Alessandria del Carretto


The town of Alessandria del Carretto, originally known as 'Torricella', was refounded in 1633 by Prince Alessandro Pignone del Carretto. It has a record: it is the only village in Italy that bears the name and surname of its founder. It is the highest village in the Pollino National Park. In winter the bitter cold cuts the soul in two. In spring, its colours, smells and flavours make for a pleasant stay. Alessandria del Carretto endures as a rare oasis of wellbeing and tranquillity, where one can take refuge to find peace, where people can return to rediscover flavours of times gone by, where fortunately nature is still uncontaminated. Markets and festivals take place in the square, old and young people meet and plan their days in the square. It is difficult to feel lonely in Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Municipio. All it takes is a handshake, a glance to exchange a profound and respectful greeting. The people of Alessandria are very hospitable, and the most obvious example of their hospitality is shown during the 'Pita' festival held on the last Sunday in April in Spinazzeta, high up in the mountains on the border with Basilicata. During this famous festival, the Alexandrians offer tourists delicacies typical of the period and of the place.


photo credit: Dott. Bruno Romanelli

Alessandria del Carretto

87070 Alessandria del Carretto CS, Italia

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