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The town in the Lucanian badlands

Aliano dominates the Val d’Agri at 55 metres above sea level, perched on a spur of clay. This small town in the province of Matera, with a population of 900 people, is the perfect destination for exploring the Lucanian badlands, a lunar-like landscape of mountain peaks, ravines and gorges carved by weathering. You will feel as though you are on another planet. For trekking enthusiasts, there are five routes of varying difficulty that allow you to experience the magic of the badlands.

But that’s not all Aliano has to offer. Fans of literature can visit the house of Carlo Levi, where the author wrote Christ Stopped at Eboli. You can visit the writer’s home and the film set where the film based on the novel was shot.

There are also many monuments and places of worship, including the Church of San Luigi Gonzaga, the town’s patron saint, and the hilltop Sanctuary of Madonna della Stella. From here you can enjoy stunning panoramic views while the inside features an altar that sits on an olive tree. On 10th August, in honour of the feast day of the Madonna della Stella, worshippers go to visit the sanctuary, but before entering they have to walk three laps around the chapel reciting prayers.

You can complete your visit to Aliano with a stop at the Museum of Rural Life, to learn about the village’s agricultural past, and the Aliano Gardens, olive and fruit tree groves that surround the village.

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75010 Aliano MT, Italia

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