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Villetta Barrea


A pleasant locality on the shores of Lake Barrea, in the Abruzzo National Park, on the southern slopes of Monte Mattone, it is immersed in a suggestive natural environment where the beautiful pine forest of black pine, a local variety, stands out. The present village is built around a small 14th century castle built in the upper part of the town; the many stately homes dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries are interesting, recognizable by their rich decorations, the coats of arms of the most important families, and the enormous portals, so built because they had to let through the mighty carriages used at the time as means of transport. It is possible to reach Lake Barrea and follow the cyclo-pedestrian paths that run along its shores on both sides, while a fascinating alternative is the more demanding route that from Decontra, the mountain facing Villetta Barrea, reaches Camosciara, so called because of the high presence of wild chamois, one of the most popular destinations in the Abruzzo National Park. Particularly striking is the footpath parallel to the Sangro river that runs through the centre of Villetta Barrea. Here it is not uncommon to encounter deer and fawns grazing on the grass or cooling off in the waters of the river.

Villetta Barrea

67030 Villetta Barrea AQ, Italia

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