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River rapids ride in Abruzzo: a rafting adventure

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Rafting originated in the United States and was brought to Italy in 1984. A few years later, in 1987, the Italian Rafting Federation (F.I.Raft.) was founded and in 2010 rafting was recognised by CONI as a sport.

There are two rivers in Abruzzo where this sport can be practised, the Aventino River, which flows through the province of Chieti, and the Sagittario River, which rises from Lake Scanno and flows into the Aterno-Pescara. The torrential stretches of these rivers, especially when water is plentiful, make them ideal for rafting and enjoy the scenery from a privileged viewpoint.

Two ways to go downhill on the Aventino River. On the lower part of the river, where the gradient and flow of water are more moderate, you can have a more relaxing experience. On the upper portion of the river, which is more impetuous and has a higher gradient, you can experience a more adrenaline-filled adventure. The total route along the Aventino river stretches for 45 kilometres and crosses the towns of Colledimacine, Lettopalena, Casoli and Gessopalena. 

Along the way, you can be captivated by the beauty of the Majella Park and the many tributaries that end their course in the Aventino, such as the Verde. The best time to go rafting on the Aventino River is between early April and the end of summer, when the river flow is average.

Less popular, but no less fascinating, is the rafting route on the Sagittario river. The route is simpler than the one on the Aventino and also suitable for families or beginners. A journey of more than 10 kilometres starting from the via Trieste bridge, in the town of Pratola Peligna in the province of L'Aquila, and ending near the source of the Pescara river, in the town of Popoli.

The experience is immersive and engaging due to the beautiful nature that is part of the river adventure. Because you are on the water far from centres and tourist spots, you are in a position to enjoy landscapes which would otherwise be missed.

What you need to know before rafting in Abruzzo

What you need to know before rafting in Abruzzo

Rafting is a sport for everyone. It is possible to ride the rivers safely, overcoming boulders and rapids using paddles aboard unsinkable, self-emptying mini-rafts or pack-rafts. The number of passengers may vary and depends on how many children there are and the weight of the participants, which affects the swing of the raft.

The centres offer itineraries for experts or beginners, as well as simpler ones for families and children.

The equipment required for rafting is provided by the centre, such as a wetsuit, life jacket and helmet. Adventurers, however, must have a swimsuit, hiking shoes or trainers and a spare change of clothes: it won't be a dry experience and you better be prepared! 

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