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Characteristic and renowned seaside resort on the Teramo coast, located at the foot of the hills of Atri and Città Sant'Angelo, Silvi probably owes its name to a small temple dedicated to Silvano, the Italic god protector of flocks and shepherds. Of medieval origin, it stands on the site of the ancient Castrum Silvi. Behind the wide, sandy beaches are gentle hills, and among these stands the medieval village of Silvi Alta, an ancient Roman post, with its spectacular belvedere from which the panorama sweeps from Gran Sasso to Conero (in the Marche region) and the Termiti Islands. Perhaps this is why the great writer Gabriele D'Annunzio called it the 'pearl of the Adriatic'; the village has largely retained its original urban layout, with a single central street from which the dense network of alleys and lanes that make up the urban fabric develops. Descending along the Adriatic coastline is Silvi Marina, where beautiful late 19th-century and early 20th-century villas stand out.


64028 Silvi TE, Italia

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