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A village in western Marsica rises on a hill on the border with Lazio. The ancient town, with its narrow, winding streets, develops perched around the castle, which has always been a reference point for the inhabitants and the heart of town life. Exposed stone buildings form a backdrop to the small squares where ancient white limestone arches frame the dwellings, a simple and linear architecture that offers suggestive postcard views. Situated at the top of the historical centre, in a dominant position over the town, is the Castle, the main attraction for those arriving at Oricola. The Counts of Mar-si wanted a square fortress, with mighty walls and with bastions and observation points in the four towers for defensive purposes. Today's appearance can be traced back to the second half of the 15th century. The excellent quality of the soil favours a remarkable abundance and assortment of products; several varieties of epigeous mushrooms grow wild in the verdant meadows around Oricola.


67063 Oricola AQ, Italia

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