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Navelli stands on a hill and arriving there means being enchanted by the graceful delicacy of its ancient village: here, the houses are still built of grey stone and face narrow, winding streets with steps carved directly into the rock. However, Navelli has always been famous for a product that has become, over time, a symbol of its territory: saffron. This rare and very precious spice, which was once used in medicine and cosmetics, has been the heart of its economy. Even today, it is of great importance, not only for its trade, but also for the beauty of the flowering period, which attracts many tourists every year: in October, the flowers are picked at dawn and still worked by hand with gestures that have been repeated unchanged since time immemorial. Beauty, tradition and flavour, the essence of Navelli has the deep red colour of saffron.


67020 Navelli AQ, Italia

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