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Corfinio has a mediaeval appearance and stands on a rocky spur on the current state road that traces the route of the centuries-old road; the oldest settlement is located where the old capital was, the ancient Corfinium dei Peligni, designated capital of the Italic rebels against Rome due to its strategic position and because it was crossed by an important road linking Sabina and Sannio, which made its economic and political fortune. At that time, it coined money with the name 'Italia', but shortly afterwards had to surrender to the Romans. From this ancient period remain the Morroni, a kind of tower mausoleums located along the Tiburtina Valeria. Very close to the Morroni is the beautiful Basilica Valvese, or San Pelino, one of Abruzzo's most important medieval monuments. Characteristic of the village are the marvellous stone portals that adorn the houses and buildings in the historic centre.


67030 Corfinio AQ, Italia

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