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Civita D'Antino


In the Roveto Valley, on a plateau dominating the wide valley crossed by the Liri River, rises Civita D'Antino. A delightful village with considerable evidence of its past, first as Città dei Marsi and then as a Roman municipality. Among its streets hovers an old-world charm, which today attracts many tourists. In the past, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, it fascinated a group of Danish artists who established an art school here, thanks to the master Kristian Zahrtmann who, during his travels to discover lesser-known Italy, came to Civita d'Antino and was so fascinated by the beauty of the places that he chose this small, remote village as his second home. Every year until 1911, as a guest of the Cerroni family, he spent the summer there, so much so that in 1902 he was recognized as an honorary citizen of Civita d'Antino. Previously, this village had enchanted other artists, the Danish painter Enrik Olrik in 1877 and Edward Lear before that in 1843.

Civita D'Antino

67050 Civita D'Antino AQ, Italia

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