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Trevi dominates the plain of Spoleto from its hill and has an urban layout so particular and original that it is referred to as "snail town". The visit to the historic centre can start from Via Roma, along which you reach the central Piazza Mazzini, and from there you can climb to the top of the hill where theCathedral of Sant'Emiliano stands out. It was in this part of the town, surrounded by walls, that the early medieval town was concentrated, with pebbles and bricks in the paving forming various motifs linked to ancient tradition. Also worth seeing are the former convent of San Francesco, which houses a valuable art collection, the Civic Art Gallery and the National Museum of the Civilisation of the Olive, one of the most renowned typical products, and it was in Trevi that the Città dell 'Olio Association was founded. In the lower part of the town you can reach the Piaggia, an area enclosed by medieval walls, characterised by numerous evocative streets.

In addition to the aforementioned oil, the other typical product that has been grown in the area since the 18th century and is the main attraction in October of both

a festival and a market exhibition, is Trevi black celery, a vegetable with a dark green colour and a very intense aroma.

06039 Trevi PG, Italia

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