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San Gemini


Nestled among green hills, San Gemini is a cradle of history and culture. In the heart of the town, you can lose yourself admiring several buildings of great artistic value, including the Church of San Francesco, dedicated to the Saint who stayed in the town several times, the Church of Santo Stefano, around which the first inhabited centre was formed, the Priory Church of San Carlo, and the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, behind which stands the Esperia Tower. But, its museums and its archaeological park definitely symbolize the village's skill for telling the story of art, history and science, like a book that takes visitors by the hand and guides them along a path: the Geolab earth science museum, the Guido Calori Opera museum and the archaeological park of Carsulae, an ancient Roman municipium along the route of the Via Flaminia. And, amidst stories and cultural entanglements, one goes in search of the roots of a territory, towards its most authentic soul.

San Gemini

05029 San Gemini TR, Italia

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