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The historical centre of Paciano is a small jewel set in the green Umbrian landscape and protected by an imposing 14th-century wall with its towers and three gates that give the village the beauty of its ancient medieval village appearance. While all that remains of the oldest castle are the remains of the Torre d'Orlando, other buildings continue to hand down the story of the village, such as the Rocca Buitoni, Palazzo Cennini and Palazzo Baldeschi, home to the Museo Banca della Memoria del Trasimeno, which houses the collective cultural heritage. For those who love to discover local art, the Pinacoteca is not to be missed. And finally, those in search of spirituality and legend can go to the Church of the Madonna della Stella, which is said to have been built following the sighting by a pilgrim of a star resting for three days above the image of the Madonna. 


06060 Paciano PG, Italia

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