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Monteleone di Spoleto


Monteleone di Spoleto is located within the Coscerno-Aspra Natural Park and the surrounding territory is mainly covered by woods interspersed with wide pastures and small fields. The village has preserved the typical urban layout of a hilltop castle, surrounded by walls. The jewel of Monteleone is undoubtedly the chariot, a parade chariot, a product of Etruscan workshops dating from around 540 B.C. and which, today, is the most prestigious piece of the Etruscan collection of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. In Monteleone di Spoleto, a life-size copy of the chariot can be seen, kept in the basement of the San Francesco complex, dating back to the end of the 13th century. Places to see are: the Church of Santa Caterina, the Church of San Nicola, with altarpieces attributed to Ghezzi and Masucci, the Clock Tower, gateway to the ancient medieval castle, and the 15th-century Palazzo Bernabò.

Monteleone di Spoleto

06045 Monteleone di Spoleto PG, Italia

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