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Fossato di Vico


In the beautiful setting of the Monte Cucco Regional Park stands Fossato di Vico. The town is divided into two parts, one flat along the Flaminia state road, the other perched on the hill. It is the latter, Fossato Alto, that best recounts its medieval past: the Town Hall, the Clock Tower, the crenellated tower above the entrance gate and the ancient places of worship. But the symbol of this past are the 'Rughe' (Wrinkles): one is enchanted by the atmosphere one can still breathe in this street covered with rounded stone vaults, a rare example of 13th-century architecture created to defend the castle, which cunningly solved all the problems of road traffic and defence along the inner perimeter of the walls. You have to walk through them to feel their magic. Let your imagination relive past centuries, to feel part of a lost world that has left its most fascinating stories here.

Fossato di Vico

06022 Fossato di Vico PG, Italia

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