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Deruta has always maintained its relationship with the earth and matter. This town with a medieval soul stands on the eastern edge of the Tiber Valley, immersed in the typical Umbrian landscape, amidst gentle hills and verdant woods. Already in the 17th century and even more so in the 18th century, the village became famous for its production of ceramics, which quickly spread to Italian and foreign markets. The centre is accessed through the Porta Sant'Angelo gate, where the ancient kilns are still visible, and then on to the pretty little Piazzetta Biordo Michelotti with its Church of Sant'Angelo. But the essence of this village is narrated in the 'Ubaldo Grazia Maioliche' factory museum: from the factory, where the entire production cycle can be admired, to the small museum where the splendid objects are exhibited, discovering the artisan roots of this enchanted place.


06053 Deruta PG, Italia

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