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After centuries of contrasting dominations, in 1873 the village of Ortignano Raggiolo was born from the union of two villages. A village with a complex history, it stands in an area that has marked its identity: the village is in fact completely surrounded by chestnut forests and this strong bond with the land has contributed to the birth of deep-rooted agricultural and pastoral traditions. Today, the symbol of this territory, his majesty the chestnut, is valorised and narrated in the interesting museum dedicated to it. The visit winds its way through a didactic itinerary that leads to the discovery of the harvesting, processing and food use of this product. Working tools, models, panels and a multimedia section tell the story of the "chestnut civilisation" and then the visit becomes itinerant, between the "Cavallari Drying House", still used today for drying chestnuts, and the "Morino Mill". A village of flavours and traditional culture, to be discovered and... tasted.


52010 Ortignano AR, Italia

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