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Loro Ciuffenna


The village of Loro Ciuffenna lies along the western flank of the Pratomagno mountain range. Here nature is the absolute protagonist, with its play of colours and light that enchants the eyes and conquers the heart: oak, chestnut and mountain pine woods, the marvellous flowers of Pratomagno, this is the magnificent landscape that envelops the village. And if the heart of the historic village is an interweaving of history, art and culture, it is still the colours that make the memory of the village a secret to be treasured: in the lower part of the mountain one can admire the purple orrises whose flowers, sometimes white and reddish, paint the landscape with the mastery of a great artist. These colours are then transformed by the skilful hands of artisans into precious perfumery products: the iris is harvested and processed by hand and is thus transformed, seducing with its sweet scent.

UFFICIO INFORMAZIONI TURISTICHE LORO CIUFFENNA Piazza Mtteotti, 1 Loro Ciuffenna (AR) tel. +39 055 917 0136

Loro Ciuffenna

52024 Loro Ciuffenna AR, Italia

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