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Campo nell'Elba


Wild beaches and ancient villages 

Considered a scattered municipality as it consists of several settlements, Campo nell’Elba stretches from the Gulf of Lacona to Pomonte. The main town is Marina di Campo, once a fishing village, now a renowned tourist resort thanks to its beach, the longest on the island. Nearby is an imposing cylindrical tower, dating back to Pisan domination, and the possibly early-Romanesque-style ancient church of San Mamiliano, documented as far back as the 14th century, which houses some bone relics of the saint. The seaside hamlets of Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia and the island of Pianosa, all with hotels, also belong to the municipality, connected to the mainland by the La Pila airport. The beaches of Le Tombe, Giardino, Galenzana, Ogliera, Palombaia and Fonza are the wildest. 

For a more tranquil and secluded stay, we recommend the picturesque inland village of Sant’Ilario, where you can admire the Church of San Giovanni, the largest early Christian temple on the island, and the Tower of San Giovanni in Campo. Don’t miss San Piero, on Monte Capanne, which is famous for its granite quarries of Fonte del Prete, Caviere, Vallicella and Grotta d’Oggi and for the Church of San Niccolò, built on the remains of an ancient Roman temple.

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Campo nell'Elba

57034 Campo nell'Elba LI, Italia


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