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Located on a narrow strip of land surrounded by a lagoon, Orbetello is the gateway to Monte Argentario.

The lagoon, separated from the sea by two strips of land, is divided in two by an artificial embankment on which the road leading to the Argentario runs. These two strips of land offer low sandy beaches that contrast with the beautiful rocky coasts of Ansedonia and Talamone.

Once inhabited by Etruscans and Romans, tradition says that it was founded by Pietro II Farnese, commander of the papal cavalry, around the year 1110.

The name, mentioned in medieval documents as Orbetellum and Orbitellus, could derive from the Latin herbetum "grassy place" or from the composition of Orbis and Tellum, in other words, land surrounded by water. 

Not to be missed: 

The Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, most likely built on the ruins of a Roman temple. It was rebuilt between 1370 and 1376 upon request of the Orsini lords of the city.

The Governor's Palace, with its loggia-portico and clock tower. 

The Walls of Etruscan origins, which were enlarged and restored first in the Middle Ages and then at the end of the 16th century. 

The Fortress, built around the ancient castle.

Many other monuments and places of interest tell us the precious history of this notable village while its natural beauty shows us a particular corner of the stunning Tuscan Maremma region.


58015 Orbetello GR, Italia

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