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A small Tyrolean municipality of less than 1,000 inhabitants, Glorenza can nevertheless boast the title of town, thanks to the prestigious role it played in Alpine trade for centuries. Glorenza proudly displays its ancient urban layout, which has remained intact since the time when, particularly from the 16th to the 18th century, merchants heading either side of the Alps met in its alleys.

Glorenza is certainly one of the best-preserved historic centres in South Tyrol: one enters the walled village through majestic portals, surmounted by defensive towers, that quickly bring one into an atmosphere that has kept alive the charm of times past. To visit the parish church of Glorenza, you have to leave the city walls, cross the Adige River and catch a glimpse of the elegant spire of the St Pancrazio bell tower.


39020 Glorenza BZ, Italia

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