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Vallone Madonna degli Angeli


A trekking paradise

Between the slopes of Monte Scalone and those of Monte Quacella lies the Vallone Madonna degli Angeli, one of the areas of greatest natural and scenic interest in all of Sicily. It is a true trekking paradise and the only place in the world where the last specimens of the Nebrodi fir, long considered extinct, can be found. This is also one of the reasons why thousands of hikers every year choose the Vallone Madonna degli Angeli for out-of-town trips and weekends in contact with nature.

Amidst groves of black pine and cedar trees and lush beech forests, you can venture out to discover this botanical treasure trove by following signposted paths and forest tracks. Relax and listen to the sounds of nature: be lulled by the rustle of the wind blowing through the branches and the chirping of dozens of birds of different species that populate the Madonie Park.

Ordina per
Vallone Madonna degli Angeli

90028 Polizzi Generosa PA, Italia

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