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Sperlinga is a place that amazes and, until you see it in person, it seems like a magnificent but made-up story. Instead, it is all true. Here man has tamed the rock, or rather immersed himself in it, making it one with his buildings: it is no coincidence that the name of the village means 'spelonca: cave'. The first thing that strikes you is the quantity of caves in the village: at least 50, rooms excavated by man, each of which used to be a small house (today some have been purchased by the municipality and turned into an Ethnographic Museum). And then there is the Castle: stone cast in the rock, a human artifice built by excavating the material, creating an impregnable fortress. Inside, steep stairs traverse the mysterious and incredible rooms until they lead us to the ancient battlements, from where our eyes open wide to the panorama that stretches to the horizon.


94010 Sperlinga EN, Italia

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