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Opera dei Pupi teatro Carlo Magno Enzo Mancuso


The Stories of the Paladins of France at the Puppet Theatre 

Proclaimed Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2001, the Opera dei Pupi is a typical Sicilian form of performance still carried out according to tradition at the Carlo Magno Enzo Mancuso Theatre in Palermo

Son of an ancient dynasty of puppeteers, Enzo Mancuso has passionately devoted himself to the creation of characteristic puppets, according to ancient techniques, also staging the memorable exploits of the Paladins of France, since the age of 13. The exploits are inspired by the Carolingian Cycle, spanning the historical period between the death of Pepin the Short and that of Emperor Charlemagne and includes 'The Story of Hector and his Descendants', 'The Royals of France from Constantine to Charlemagne', 'The Story of the Paladins of France' and 'Saint Guido and the Descendants of Charlemagne'. 

Christian knights, Saracen fighters, ladies and pages: each character has his or her own costume, including ornamental robes and armour, where the insignia identifying the roles is fixed. Legs, arms and face are still made by hand, in wood, held together by an iron core, the movements are entrusted to cords. Animated by the voice of the puppeteer, they are the joy of young and old alike.

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Opera dei Pupi teatro Carlo Magno Enzo Mancuso

Via Collegio di Santa Maria, 17, 90139 Palermo PA, Italia

Call +393475792257 Website

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