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The small village of Serri lies on a soft hillside, surrounded by lush vegetation that enchants with the colours of the cork oaks and holm oaks that live in its centuries-old woods. Serri has a very ancient history, as is still recounted by the many Nuragic artefacts that have been found in its territory. The heart of this ancient history surely lies in the great Nuragic sanctuary of Santa Vittoria, a cult centre of regional importance that attracted populations from all over the region during the Bronze Age. The sanctuary is located in the Giara di Serri, and there are several buildings there that leave those who stop to admire the architecture breathless. Lastly, there is a particularity to be told linked to this sanctuary: hundreds of bronze statuettes were found here, ex-votos depicting people from all walks of life, which are now preserved in the National Archaeological Museum in Cagliari.


08030 Serri SU, Italia

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