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The village sculpted by the sea 

Exposed to the winds and tides, Castelsardo rises from the sea, and has been sculpted by the sea: overlooking the coast, over the centuries the town has assumed the role of defensive stronghold and strategic control point. It was particularly the Middle Ages that left the greatest traces of this role of lookout and defence: the medieval stronghold of the old town is its symbol, with its ramparts, steep stairways and narrow streets.

The Doria castle was also built facing the sea, to control it, to be always ready in case of attack. But the sea attracts with its strength and charm, and even today, daily life always moves towards the coast: the main activities, the vitality of the port, the exchanges, but also simply the evening strolls, which seek the hypnotic sound of the waves, the soft scent of the saltiness, are all facing the sea.


07031 Castelsardo SS, Italia

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