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Carloforte is the only settlement on the island of San Pietro. The coastal town was founded in 1738 by a group of families originally from Liguria, but living in Tunisia. Carloforte still reflects its origins in its architecture and culture. Not surprisingly, the houses, white or pastel, develop along carrugi-like streets, or follow the hillsides with steps and arches.

An interesting history of St. Peter's Church, which was rebuilt in the late 18th century on the ruins of a 13th-century church dedicated to the "Novelli Innocenti", in memory of a shipwreck in which some of the young boys who ventured on the semi-legendary "Crusade of the Children" died, in around 1212.

Between May and June, the international food fair for tuna of quality, celebrating the traditional activity of the tuna fishery in Carloforte, the last remaining on the Sardinian coast and one of the oldest in the Mediterranean.


09014 Carloforte SU, Italia

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