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Vico del Gargano


A village immersed in the greenery of the Gargano National Park, Vico captivates with its evocative centre, dominated by the castle and the Chiesa Madre della Beata Vergine Assunta: the heart of the village, however, is the Rione Civita, a stone jewel where you can admire chimneys, carved portals, stairways carved into the rock, underground traps, small arches and capitals. Outside the town, however, begins the place of beauty and enchantment that is the nature that embraces the town. In addition to the marvellous archaeological site of the necropolis on the heights of Mount Tabor, the landscape becomes the protagonist with the splendid Foresta Umbra, an immense expanse of fir, oak and beech trees, where one can take relaxing walks in the magical silence of the majestic trees.

Vico del Gargano

71018 Vico del Gargano FG, Italia

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