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San Nicandro Garganico


San Nicandro Garganico has a treasure of immense value that it guards and protects: it is the nature that surrounds it, luxuriant, precious. Its territory lies in the vicinity of the Gargano National Park, between the lake areas of Lesina and Varano, the sea is close by and the karst phenomena make it unique. The most spectacular of these are the Dolina Pozzatina, an amphitheatre over 100 metres deep with a perimeter of 1850, the Grotta dell'Angelo and Pian della Macina, a veritable forest of stalactites and stalagmites. For those, on the other hand, who want to discover the soul of its people, culture and traditions, Palazzo Fioritto houses the Museo Storico Archeologico Etnografico e della Civiltà Contadina: here tools, artefacts, photographs and audio recordings tell the local story of work, popular songs, festivals and daily gestures.

San Nicandro Garganico

71015 San Nicandro Garganico FG, Italia

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