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Nestled in the Alta Murgia National Park, Poggiorsini is a magnificent panoramic terrace from which to let your gaze wander over the valleys below, among cultivated fields and rich vineyards. The Mediterranean scrub perfumes the air and the eyes are captivated by the blossoming of the splendid Murgia orchids. It is a place of great beauty, Poggiorsini, surrounded by a landscape that leaves no one indifferent. Even the village and its architecture, however, know how to captivate the visitor: not to be missed, for example, is the church of Maria Santissima Addolorata and, close to the town, the immense ruins of the Garagnone Castle, which hint at their ancient majesty and which, surrounded as they are now by enchanting nature, leave the visitor with the sensation of being in a special, almost magical place.


70020 Poggiorsini BA, Italia

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