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Cella Monte


Cella Monte, in the province of Alessandria, is located in the rolling hills of the Monferrato Casalese, a land of vineyards and the production of prized wines such as Grignolino, Barbera and Freisa. The municipality is located in the core-zone of the serial site, the 'Monferrato degli Infernot', which in 2014 obtained Unesco recognition as a World Heritage Site for the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato wine-growing landscapes. The 'Infernot' are a unique structure in the area, an underground cellar dug into the local 'cantone' stone, in which the absence of light, constant temperature and humidity provide optimal conditions for storing wine bottles. These are small architectural masterpieces created by local builders, testimonies of rural knowledge. Palazzo Volta, in Piazza Vallino, is home to the Ecomuseo della Pietra da Cantoni, where you can visit the public infernot. Among the vestiges of Cella Monte are the castle of the Ardizzone family, with its ancient Romanesque tufa windows; the fortress house of the Francia family, perched on a spur overlooking the Rosignano valley; the parish church of Saints Quirico and Giulitta, which houses a painting by Moncalvo; and the oratory of Sant'Antonio.

Cella Monte

15034 Cella Monte AL, Italia

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