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Torre di Palme


The village of Torre di Palme, in the municipality of Fermo, is a real 'panoramic balcony': located on the top of a hill, it dominates the coast and the Adriatic Sea. Torre di Palme is part of the circle of Fermo's seaside castles, which are distinguished from the middle and mountain castles because they rise on a hill and have a layout surrounded by walls that open with 'da Sole' or 'da Bora' gates. In the historical centre, it is impossible not to notice the beauty with which the medieval and Renaissance buildings are preserved, which is why, despite its small size, it is one of the most important centres in the region. Don't miss the Gothic Church of Sant'Agostino, with its typical red brickwork and beautiful Gothic portal and rose window: inside, a panel painting by Vincenzo Pagani (1578) and an imposing polyptych by Vittore Crivelli. Around the village, then, a dense green vegetation, a protected floristic area, makes the place even more precious.

Torre di Palme

63900 Torre di Palme FM, Italia

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