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The history of the village of Servigliano, when told, has two great moments that inevitably mark its course. The first occurred in 1771, when the village completely collapsed and was rebuilt by Pope Clement XIV: from that moment until 1863, with the unification of Italy, it changed its name to Castel Clementino. The second dates back to 1915, when a huge prison camp was built, which was to condition the history of the village until 1955. Today, fortunately, the past history that is repeated is only in the commemoration that, during the week of Ferragosto, recalls the donation by the Abbot of Farfa, to the community of Servigliano, of the Piana di San Gualtiero, which took place in 1450, and remembers it with re-enactments, dances, games and fun.


63839 Servigliano FM, Italia

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