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The village of Montecassiano lies in the heart of the Marche region, in the hills of the Macerata area. Its architecture and traditions still tell of the strong roots that link the town to its medieval past. Montecassiano is in fact surrounded by high walls, which are still well-preserved today. At one time, several gates opened in the walls, of which only the Porta di San Lorenzo gate remains today, opening towards the east and representing the main entrance to the village at the end of the 19th century. Not to be missed is the masterpiece by Mattia della Robbia in the Collegiate Church. Every year, the village plunges back into the Middle Ages with the Palio dei Terzieri: in July, for ten days, the ancient costumes, dances, flavours and recipes of the era, games and shows, including the final joust of the knights, return.


62010 Montecassiano MC, Italia

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