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Mercatello Sul Metauro


Mercatello sul Metauro has historical roots that are closely intertwined with the powerful Montefeltro seigniory: the person who, more than anyone else, represents its territorial identity is in fact Federico da Montefeltro, who married Gentile Branca-leoni in 1437, obtaining the land of Mercatello with its many castles as a dowry, later becoming count in 1443. In this way, the village became one of the most important castles in the region and even today has maintained an appearance at its most historic heart that recalls its medieval roots, particularly in the walls protected by the furrow of the two watercourses that cross the territory: the Metauro and the S. Antonio torrents.

Mercatello Sul Metauro

61040 Mercatello Sul Metauro PU, Italia

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